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Preference #1 You guys do it.

Harry: You guys were at a club and you were grinding all up on Harry. You felt his bulge growing up against your leg. You look at him and smile “l think we should go home Hazza”. You guys get home and as soon as he closes the door he starts making out with you. “Mmmm Harry I want you so bad right now” He pushes you up against the wall and you guys both start grinding on each other. He starts massaging your breast “Ha-Harry”.

He picks you up bridal style and carries you to the room. He lays you down and starts rubbing your clit “Ohh baby!!” “That’s right baby. Say my name”. You do as he says. “Harry!!” You guys end up naked he kisses down your body and he starts sucking you. “Your so wet baby”. You start swearing and moaning his name “Sh*t Harry”

He sucks your hard nipples and makes you moan. “Mmmm Harry!”. He gets 2 fingers and puts them in you and pumps them up and down at medium paste. You gasp for air and moan more and louder “HARRY!! FASTER!!” He starts fingering you fast “OH F*CK HARRY!!! I’M CLOSE!!”. He licks the juices of his fingers and started teasing you. “Harry f*ck me please”

He keeps teasing you so you hold his bum and try to push him in you “Please Harry. Do it” He eventually goes in you and thrusts a medium paste without even adjusting. “Harry!! Faster” He goes faster and faster “HA-HARRY YOUR SO… UGH” He smirks at how you can’t bring out the words. At the last thrust you both scream.

Louis: You and Louis were sitting on the bed and a s*x scene comes on the T.V. You feel Louis starting to kiss your neck “Louis baby why are you kissing my neck?” “I wanna do what those people are doing on T.V. He says whispering into your neck feelings his breath on your neck sends shivers down your spine. You pull him into a deep kiss and start making out. He climbs ontop of you and starts kissing your neck “Louis baby…” You sigh. He takes off your shirt and starts kissing down your body. “Oh Louis” You moan softly. You can feel him smiling on your body.

You can feel his bulge growing against your leg. You put your hands down his pants and give him a hand job. “Ugh! Faster” He demands. You go faster and make him moan more “You dirty girl”. You guys end up naked. He rubs your clit and makes you moan. Finally he thrusts in you. “OH LOUIS!!” “Say my name more baby say it” “LOUIS!!!!!!” You scream. On the last thrust you and Louis scream together.

Liam: You put on your red lace underwear your red lace bra. You put a robe over it and come out to find Liam naked on the bed. You go in front of him and take off you robe and let it slide down. “Wow. l knew there was something hiding under that robe” Liam says smiling. l giggle a bit. “Now Liam shh. Or else you won’t get what you want”

l start crawling ontop of him kissing his body. l go up to his lips and french kiss him. He turns you around so your on the bottom. He then takes off your bra and under wear. And starts sucking your clit “Liam!!’ You moan out. He then massages your breast making your head bolt back in pleasure. He then thrusts in you “Ohh Liam!! You f*cking god” He keeps going until his thrust dies out.

Niall: You guys were kissing and it turned out to be a making out session. He lies you down on the bed and undresses you while you undress him. He starts leaving trails of kisses down your body and then rubs your clit in circles making you moan. “Oh Niall!”

He then comes back up sucking your hard nipples making you moan in pleasure. “Niall!!! F*ck me now!” He then thrust in you and makes you moan more louder “NIALL YOU EFFING BEAST” He lies down next to you and you both try to catch your breath.

Zayn: You guys were on a vacation so you decide to go to the beach house to get ready to swim you put on your suit and then Zayn walked in. “Hey beautiful l was thinking we should get it on instead of swimming” You look at him and smile he lays you down and starts peeling off your bathers as you take off his board shorts. He starts sucking your clit as you moan loud.

He then sucks your hard nipples and thrusts in. “ZAYN!!!” On the last thrust you guys both scream.

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